Label: Infinite Machine
Artist: Warsnare
Title: Warchestra
Catalogue number: IM064
Release date: 23 Feb 2018
Format: digital

At the time of writing this, Daniel Potter, aka Warsnare, is racing across his native London, in a veritable juggling act of creative effervescence – putting the finishing touches to his full-length debut, Warchestra; rehearsing tomorrow’s eponymous 360° preview show at The Albany Theatre (with himself on synths/piano and a full string ensemble); overseeing the post-production on the first music video in support of the album; graciously making time to coordinate with us on the release of this modern opus via Infinite Machine. As we Skype, he seems (other than, obviously, very busy) equally apprehensive and enthused, equally exhausted and energized… but most importantly, unequivocally accomplished. True to his oeuvre’s title’s portmanteau, his path has been both uphill battle and graceful symphony – but he has deftly conducted both to their victory and resolution, respectively.