Label: Inyan Music
Artist: Mario Neha
Title: Free Birds Fly Highest
Catalogue number: IM036
Release date: 11 May 2018
Format: digital

After a short end of the year hiatus, Inyan Music is back on track, bubbling with creativity and first and foremost proud to present its first release of 2018, Free Birds Fly Highest , the
sophomore longplay effort by label founder and creative mastermind Mario Neha.

With his second album, we see the Inyan Music head honcho continue his journey into warm, organic tech-house realms, exploring deep, slightly mystical atmospheres and slowly evolving, complex melodic structures. Focusing on highly detailed arrangements, a feel for spine-tingling arrangements and interweaving motifs, the eleven tracks on Free Birds Fly Highest provide both mind and body stimulation on the dancefloor as well as an acoustic thrill for extended home listening sessions. Staying true to his slightly darkish, mythical trademark sound presented in his 2016-debut Imago for the most part, Mario Neha ’s new album is more than just a sequel to his previous work. His feel for homogenic storytelling and scintillating textures provides a rich sonic array of creativity that best unfolds over an extended listening session over the album’s whole playtime of approx. 70 minutes in which the Swiss producer continuously introduces new and interesting stylistic aspects to his work. Free Birds Fly Highest therefore features references to both deep-house, balearic as well as classic house shimmering through every now and then whereas single tracks do reminisce of the microhouse genre arrangement-wise, adding a certain new texture and different grip to the Swissman’s unique musical vision whilst catering