Start BILDER #independentlabelmarket @ Volksbühne PICTURES

#independentlabelmarket @ Volksbühne PICTURES


The founders of the World’s greatest Independent Record Labels join together to pitch stalls and sell their own records themselves at this very unique brand of farmers market.

!K7, 4AD, 7K! , Aisha Franz, Aneyenear, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, AUS, Baby Satan, Banlieue Records, BB Island, BBE, Die Epilog, Dog Eat Dog, Domino, Dystopian, Effective96, Erased Tapes, Float, Fly By Night Music, Foul-Up, Fulmen. Glitterbeat, Handle With Care, Infine, Instruments Of Discipline, Invisible Hands, iMusician, Jean Yann, Karaoke Kalk, Klangwirkstoff, Lex, King Gong, Mannequin Records, Martin Hossbach, Mechatronica, Miasmah, Monkeytown, Morr Music, Ninja Tune, Noland, No Suit,, PETS Recordings, Pirotecnia, Project Mooncircle, R.A.N.D. Music, Red Rooster, ROOD WOOF, Ruohan Wang, Shalom Salon, Shite Music, Shouka, Solaris Empire, Sonic Pieces, Späti Palace, Springstoff, STEP Recordings, Strut, Subaltern, Subtext Recordings, The Chop, Total Black, Undogmatisch, Waterfall Records, Yellow Castle

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