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Label: Clipp.Art
Artist: Various
Catalogue number: Clipp 44,45,46,47
Format: digital
Release date: Nov 2018


Clipp.Art Originals promises an ongoing series of weekly/bi-weekly digital cuts – complemented by the occasional limited edition split artist 12 inch.

Thodén – Crash EP [CLIPP044]
Thodén layers emotional synths and melodies in this EP like your auntie layers cakes for that Sunday extended family event you’re too hungover to handle… we have all been there.
Specializing in that hard-hitting, face melting industrial vibe, Manchester’s Thodén has been to a warehouse party or 8 in his time. A reflection of loud nights in the city scenes and that gritty lifestyle that is raving, Crash EP is one for the dance freaks.

Dj Windows 7 – Cruda Vida [CLIPP045]
Mexico City’s deep hustle is represented in DJ Windows 7 works. Cruda Vida tells the tale of many musicians in Mexico who have to work to get what they want. Cruda Vida – for the hard life to obtain the reward.
This gloomy, late night empty streets rendition makes you ponder what was more crunchy today – this track or your breakfast cereal this morning… accompanied by a tasteful glitchy acid line that creeps in and out like the dial-up speeds of your 2003 internet. I’m sure you’re having flashbacks of off-white massive tv screen monitors and that lush green hill background which was the only thing keeping you calm from throwing the whole thing out the window. Maybe the soft yells and screaming vocals in this track represent the internal screaming you had trying to work those damn stone age computers.. Ohh what a time to be alive.

SjR – Hymne à mes kaskou [CLIPP046]
A familiar face returns to the Sounds Good family! SjR had an absolute euphoria building track with us back in May which was played out to many a partaaay. He returns with slick glossy synth pads as usual and hard hitting drums to keep the drive going at the club. I’m feeling like this is one for when the crowd is looking for a change of pace. A slow grind of seedy dance moves and sneaky bumps on the d floor feel. Reenergize and reformat your brains for the next 7 hours of seshing because as we say in the middle of Seshlehem…. It always Sounds Like A Good Time.

Dawn Again – Last Days [CLIPP047]
Whether it is playing warm fuzzy house on a rooftop in Williamsburg, psyched out chuggy acid in a basement in Berlin or slow jam disco in a paddock in Melbourne; Dawn Again has done it all. Born & bred in Melbourne, but having spent time in NYC & Berlin, DA’s djing, record collecting and production has taken him around the world. DA’s production is focused on pushing warm, deep house. He’s never far away from dancefloor, as DA runs The Love Above & Raw Wax parties.
Last Days is a nice flow of bumping, jiggly jumping house perfect for our Good Time family! That bass keeps the party in cruise and some howling vocals that rings. Proud to have such a local legend onboard our endeavor to put out some absolute sheller tunes.