Hier das Statement von Oliver:

„Totally surreal for me to tell you that this will be the end, after all these years. But it’s true. It’s been a 16-19 year project, depending on how you look at it. Just doin‘ the bar one day at a time is all there is to it, and not bothering very hard to count the years, either. Till now, sheesh!

Starting at 16:00 there’ll be a different DJ or DJ team playing every hour. Without the sound Dr. Pong wouldn’t still be going, or ever have happened at all. Thank you to all the DJs and especially to all the musicians for what they’ve given us…in their honor we’ll be dragging out the PA for one last session, turning on the subwoofer too. Club sound for once, yay!!!

Not sure how long this is gonna go on for, but I think till the sun starts coming up. And that’s a while at this time of year, around here. I’m still figuring out what will be a crazy schedule, so please check back for more info in the next couple of days!“

XX Oliver

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