Artist Quote: „Power Of Pain is an exploration into the dark corners of the human mind. I approached this project the same as I do with punk or metal…no fancy production, no snapping to the grid…just a raw honest recording using hardware instruments. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I’m just putting my own spin on music that has deeply affected me as a means of self-expression.“

Midnight Climax is the techno moniker of Boston based punk musician Ryan Boone

Artist Bio: Midnight Climax explores the hedonistic tendencies and depravity of the human psyche with ‚Power Of Pain‘. 5 original tracks of brooding industrial techno / body music produced over the span of a year in Boston, MA. The combination of haunting noise, aggressive bass lines, catchy leads, and a driving 909 makes ‚Power Of Pain‘ a must listen for fans of dark electronics. 

Release Track list:
1. Haunting Paranoia 
2. Straight Razor
3. Drug Lust
4. Power Of Pain
5. Roller Coaster

Produced and mixed by Midnight Climax 
Mastered by Will Killingsworth 
Art by Matt B