DO 14.3.19
Mare Nero & Prequel Tapes present „Dinge“
Mare Nero and Prequel Tapes present „Dinge“ – a book and cassette tape release party & exhibition.

„Dinge“ is a physical package made of an audio cassette tape and book in handcrafted steel casing. It comprises three unreleased tracks from 1991 and three compositions recorded in 2018, introduced together as time-displaced manifestations of the same story.

By revisiting the works of his early years, Prequel Tapes deconstructs the origins of his identity, exposing himself to brutally honest examinations of his work. Mare Nero explore this further with repurposed photographs and new artworks.

Crushed Soul
Prequel Tapes [Gaffa Tape / Midnight Shift / Ninja Tune]
A Sacred Geometry
Whiplash [Official Version Records]

Crushed Soul
… secret weapon, wandering music library, never seen in daylight, but occasionally on Ostgut Ton.

Prequel Tapes
… is a work of deep synthesis. Fragments of melody and memory orchestrated into densely layered tapestries; a deeply emotional study on a life characterised by a shifting relationship to electronics. The pieces serve as a chronology of desire and reflection, reconciling a nascent passion for industrial music with a history in the club.

A Sacred Geometry
… Dripping in resonance, A Sacred Geometry creates a nostalgic ambient reality redolent of space and texture. Layers of subtle melody and rhythmic pulsation capture the importance of atmosphere and narrative within their work. Organic and emotional conte..

… is a belgium legend, born in a bath of EBM & New Beat – he studied Piano and played the world famoust stages. He lately retired his music career as he found his new passion, which is composing recipes for beer.