11PM TIL 10 AM

Just like two good friends that never realize how everybody around them wonder how come they are not together, the Four Play project and Kitkat Club lived their parallel lives for almost three years, until that night on February 1st, when the dots were finally connected. Already from the very beginning, there was that unique sensation in the air, and every present soul could feel that something is just right and a special night is ahead. However, nobody could imagine how perfect this match would be and how glorious that night could develop. And so, in the aftermath of yet another four dimensional kinkteractive journey, we decided not to wait too long until the next round and we serve you with yet another Four Play earlier than anyone could imagine.
In the musical menu, you will find this time main floor techno bangers served by:

Arkadia Alpha
Suit Kei
Toxido Mask

Whereas Kitkat’s Dragon floor will turn into Rummelbumms Floor and will delight you with sexy house tunes by:
Annie O
Agent Pink
Tobi Dei

Those brave ones among you are more than welcomed to explore the tiny and super cosy Separee, with:
Modest Crow
Nowhere People
Techno Jesus
preparing you secret dishes.

Our educational and interactive program remains with the core of our „resident“ performers and moderators, but also includes a few new surprises for you:
► Crossdressing Challenge by Melissa von Wonderland
► Clubkid by Bella Believe
► Introduction to Bondage by Sensual Ropes
► Japanese Rope Bondage by Benjamin Langholz
► Bodypainting by Moonkinki
► Sexwrestling by BSW Berlin

➜ Despite a perfect previous experience, we would like to remind you the following:
As always, we would like to find the balance between freedom of choice and respect for those who invest time and effort in order to dress up for the event. For this reason, no casual streetwear will be allowed inside the club. It doesn’t mean that you now have to run and get yourself a one-piece latex suit, however, we kindly ask you to be creative:
Swimsuits, Costumes, Leather, Latex, Naked, Super Heroes, Lingerie, Elegant.

And obviously: the Four Play is no place for racists, homophobes and sexists. Our community warmly welcomed social, pleasant and well-manner guests. Be social, be friendly, and let’s have an awesome Four Play!