Release Title – Modern House Quintet – Ronde bleue à la Grecque
Release Date – 1st of October 2019
Label Name – Modern House Quintet

This record is the eleventh one (nine produced under Modern House Quintet, two produced under the Cyclades moniker). The artwork is little bit different this time, maybe prettier in a way. Photos were kindly provided by Tranzistoraki (from Chora, Amorgos), one of the loveliest place to eat in the Greek Cyclades. About the music, the A side song will probably please the vibraphone’s heads, where as the B1 track has a more „deep and low-fi“ atmosphere. The B2 one was meant to be more ethereal and soothing with its delicate pads and arpeggio.

Modern House Quintet is also a sub-label, named Cyclades, on which a new release is scheduled for december.

Artist Bio: Modern House Quintet is a live electronic duo who produce House and Techno music. What started out as a live show of unreleased productions ended up in 2015 in a series of 12″, released on both their self-imprint (Modern House Quintet and Cyclades). They solely perform live, playing and improvising with hardware equipment only (sequencer, sampler, synthesizers, drum machines, pedal effects). Therefore, each show is unique and see them compounding their own music – novel and pre-existing songs – through cables and electronic instruments.

Release Track list:
Modern House Quintet „Ronde bleue à la Grecque“ (MHQ 009)
1. Pastel (09’35)
2. Nikouria (08’55)
3. Turquoise (08’30)