Release Date – 21.11.2019

Label Name – Integrity Records

A new chapter begins with Integrity Records as it concludes the recent ‘We Are Friends’ series of releases. In an attempt to add more depth to the labels body of work, ‘The Other Side’ or more formally known to crate diggers as ‘The B Sides’, is where you will find some of the labels less obvious dancefloor pleasers and/or hidden gems. The first of a two part various artist compilation sees the label moving a little away from previous more club focused EPs. Featuring tracks from both established and unknown artists, ‘The Other Side’ compilation showcases the labels commitment of not just releasing music for the body but also music for the soul.​ ​Volume 1 explores offerings from Fabrice Lig, Karim Sahraoui, Greg Gow, Miles Ellis, ​minimalArchiv​ and label head Eddie Niguel.
“We like dance music for the body, and we like dance music for the soul, our preferences simply doesn’t allow us to be held as hostages of a single specific style. Diversity and musical integrity are a pure reflection of the identity we’ve adopted…”

Artist Quote: – „For this series, we wanted to move a little away from our previously more club-focused EPs and add a little more depth to our body of work by introducing the less obvious dancefloor pleasers aka our B Sides“

Release Track list:
1. minimalArchiv – Starlessness
2. Miles Ellis – As Far
3. Greg Gow – Time Cycle
4. Fabrice Lig – Gazoline
5. Eddie Niguel – Deeply Rooted
6. Karim Sahraoui – Jazzaj