Release Date – 13/03/20 Vinyl
Label – Potatoheadz Records

The continent spanning Ozzy / Berlin label Potatoheadz are showing a certain flair with their curation that is rare to see. Launching 2020 with a split EP that continues the labels thematic approach with all tracks based around the concept of biophilia. Whilst packing the kind of dance floor punch that only the heart of nature can supply.

On the A side Fibre Optixxx kicks off our (re)connection with esoteric environs with a patient dose of intelligent electronics in “Hive Activity”. A mid tempo Drum and Bass piece that is versatile, raw, and straight to the point.

Next up, “Hibiscus” presents a more dubbed, subtle sound that is just as addictively danceable. In essence a post-modern reconstruction of Kotton the Cutie – think Baltimore club muzik but in planetary orbit.

The B side comes from Melbourne resident DJ Life. His first “Lightning Ridge” is delivered with bags of attitude and is truly club certified as it twists into almost progressive territory, with it’s quasi hypnotic nu-era electronics. Finishing off the EP “Butterfly” is classy, patient and beautiful with flashes of early Detroit.

Another killer from Potatoheadz, a label carving it’s name into the global scene. Musically deep and utterly fresh. A statement of intent for what’s to come from them in 2020.

Artist Bio:

DJ LIFE: 22 year old Melbourne producer DJ Life (Pat Brick) has been crafting music that often juxtaposes euphoric, ethereal synth work and mechanical, rigid, thumping 909’s to create some truly thought provoking dance music that feels strangely nostalgic whilst retaining it’s uniqueness and complete originality.

Fibre Optixxx: Riley Gower has an explosive, almost manic enthusiasm for intricate sound design, often exchanging between high-paced, skitzed out Electro and super-clean Bass music. Futurism and Hi-energy are wildly apparent in Fibre Optixxx works, occasionally dropping suddenly from thick sonic plateau’s to extremely delicate, dynamic and textured soundscapes. Often peppering in throw-back vocal samples and incredibly complex breakbeats and glitches – Gower’s music is totally unique to him and reflects a hi-speed, energetic and ferocious personality.

Release Track list:

1. Fibre Optixxx – Hive Activity
2. Fibre Optixxx – Hibiscus
3. DJ Life – Lightning Ridge
4. DJ Life – Butterfly