Still hot: Acid Pauli – Mainacht
Acid Pauli’s unique brand of organic, psychedelic electronic music has found the perfect home on the label he runs with Nico Stojan. Mainacht, the latest release, sees Martin Gretschmann in playful mood – the title track skips along in a breezy, upbeat fashion, peppered with bass licks, congas and synth squiggles – an aural pick-me-up for our times.

Ahmed locks into a groove from the start, fully utilizing Gretschmann’s knack for accentuating the space between the notes. Using only a few elements he creates a powerful moment of euphoric excitement. Legends of Saturn again sees the maestro exploring various bass guitar tones and patterns, creating a track that balances a live feel with perfectly shaped electronics. Completing the EP, Abranis is cut from the same cloth – a bouncy groove meets trippy effects and melodic snippets suspended in space.