Berlin’s favourite masked creature junk-E-cat has emerged from his lockdown cave with a new track release, ‘Music Talks to Me’, which is being released via Mutterkomplex. This track is the latest arrival from a stream of sensational content that junk-E-cat has been dishing out to his online fan base during his period of self-isolation, as he has been tirelessly streaming live sets on his social media, playing on the rooftops of Berlin’s neighbourhoods, and producing new music to get his fans through this hard time.

Alongside artists like Polly Powder, Lavid, and Carlo, junk-E-cat has had a slew of successful releases with his label Mutterkomplex. His EP ‘Kreatur’ in 2019 embodied his passion for mischief and adventure while also showcasing his multifaceted instrumental skills. When junk-E-cat is not hiding out in his lockdown cave he can be found performing live in the most iconic clubs, at festivals performing on top of his customized vintage fire truck, or on top of old abandoned buildings around the world providing improvised entertainment.

‘Music Talks to Me’ is a concoction of electronic and jazz music that comes together to create a lively but seductive track. The provocative spoken lyrics by vocalist Treaturette compel the listener to alleviate the loneliness and isolation that lockdown inflicts by making friends with the music: “shake off the emptiness off and dance with me”. junk-E-cat uses an assortment of woodwind instruments to create a jazzy street concert feel that resembles the sound of a rooftop party in summer.

Music Talks To Me will be released via Mutterkomplex on June 19th 2020.