Today we are premiering a seductive summer tune, „Love is Everywhere“ is a much needed splash of house synth sounds and warm luscious vocals during these weary times.

Stepping back into the spotlight, the Grecian giant NTEIBINT aka George Bakalakos returns with “Love is Everywhere” featuring bewitching vocals from fellow Athenian Matina Sous Peau. Riding off the success of their first collaboration “Back to the Roots of Love”, this dynamic duo coalesces passion and pleasure into this stylish track to produce a rich and lush sonic soundscape.

With captivating melodies, “Love is Everywhere” is a sun-kissed nu-disco hit with warm and inviting Rhode keys and metronomic percussion that transports the listener to a sanguine daydream of futures past. The track encapsulates the longing feeling of locking eyes with a stranger across a room and the anticipation as electricity fills the space and infatuation starts to dance around inside one’s imagination. Alluring in its approach and intoxicating in its execution, “Love is Everywhere” is an enthralling dip into the opulent ocean of NTEIBINT’s mind. Releasing via Eskimo Recordings July 31st.