French composer, arranger and artist Uèle Lamore today reveals her EP, ‚Tracks‘. A nostalgic exploration of travelling across an intimate body of work, inspired by Paris & Kyoto.

Uèle Lamore has also been signed to Berlin based label !K7 for their newly launched, Plunderphonia series. Which ‘plunders’ the rich pool of classical music history and places it within new context to create something unique and unprecedented.


Uèle Lamore today presents her EP, ‘Tracks’, a nostalgic exploration of travelling across an intimate and personal body of work. Developing a unique and recognisable sound, Uèle Lamore is a conductor, composer and arranger, with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Specialising in the mixing of orchestral and acoustic textures, she utilises modular, electronic and synthetic elements; to create ephemeral and visceral moments.

A once in a generational talent, with a wide ranging set of influences Uèle’s long reaching ability has brought her the attention of Berlin based label !K7 for their newly launched, Plunderphonia series; which aims to ‘plunder’ the rich pool of classical music history and place it within new context to create something unique and unprecedented. She is also set to appear alongside Max Cooper for a special VARIATIONS performance on France.TV, where they’ll be reimagining the repertoire of American composer, Terry Riley. Both projects will be released in early 2021.

With a loose affiliation with classical music, Uèle instead tends to lean into the fields of composition and arrangement through the styles of her inspirations; Electro, New Wave, Rock, Techno, Minimal, Neo-Soul & many more, leaving her with an infinite range of possibilities to explore.

The ‘Tracks’ EP across five tracks retrospectively pays homage to her favourite cities, capturing the ambience of their train station and metropolitan life. She focuses on inspiration from both Kyoto, Japan where Uèle visits once a year and the Parisian suburb of Vity-Sur-Seine, which she calls home. Starting the EP, with self-titled single ‘Tracks’ Uèle transcribed the melody announcing the arrival of trains on the platform in the Kyoto subway, it also features integrated field recordings of the Hozu River.

“‘Tracks’ refers to train tracks and the sensation that one would feel while travelling by train, sitting in a window seat, looking at the different sceneries and escaping in their mind. Going through the changing feelings of joy, nostalgia, curiosity, or melancholia.” – Uèle Lamore

Throughout the EP, she provides perfect moments of scission in the single as it transitions from the hustle and bustle of Kyoto’s subway, to the streets of Vitry-Sur-Seine and beyond; delivering more punch, roughness and heavier beat. She carefully dissects the reserved and humble nature of Japanese culture alongside the straightforwardness and all out energy of the Parisian suburbs. ‘You’ll Only Love Once’ provides a duality, in the sense of falling completely and unconditionally in love with a new city and the feeling of exploring new cities with a special partner, creating new memories that are even more vivid and bright

The EP moves on to ‘JūJo Station’, which tracks Uèle’s first trip to Kyoto. Where the detuned synth and field recordings note her confusion and sense of being cut adrift, as her struggled to adapt to the new experience. ‘Fox Café Fushimi Inari’ is an ode to the owners of the Fox Café, found at the entrance to Fushimi Inari Shrine. Uèle describes the strange and inviting café, with its alchemist style coffee machines and cast of waiters and customers who make this experience unique. Finally, the EP closes with ‘Austerlitz’, the commuting station for Uèle in her hometown of Paris. A place of junction, of contrast, synonymous with arrival and departure, seemingly the perfect place to end the EP for Uèle.

The EP ‘Tracks’ explores the nostalgia of travelling, from the perspective of Uèle. Across 5 individual pieces of work, Uèle Lamore utilises her talent for storytelling via music and delivers straight-forward tracks that evoke distinct feelings, transporting the listener into Uèle’s intimate and personal experiences in the cities

Tracklist –
2.You’ll Only Love Once
3.JūJo Station
4.Fox Café Fushimi Inari