Label: Sprechen
Artist: Muddy Feet
Format: Physical & digital
Release date: 09/11

A newcomer to the studio but no stranger to playing sweet music in all the sweet spots of Manchester.

Muddy Feet is the alias of Kirby Halliday who has been a firm supporter of us at Sprechen as well as being a close friend too, so we’re super stoked to be the label to deliver her debut music release ‘The Harmonising E.P.’ which perfectly shows of the kind of diversity that are always present in her sets

Nothing I Need leads the way and is a hazy head nodding bit of sunshine house music brilliance that sums up late night dusk time style socialising, is it a banger? is it balearic??? Is it both of those whilst also being pretty darn unique? We think the latter…

Take Flight is a psychedelic trip through beats that are broken (but not broken beat!) with hypnotic synth & pads swirling in & out all over the place…like the calmer sibling of The Chems’ ‘Private Psychedelic Reel’ with a little bit of Bicep in there for added oomph. Trippy & Blissful end of the night/last tune vibes ahoy!

Learning keeps with the uplifting vibe of its predecessors but drives a bit more in the bottom end for added wallop. Saucy style synth stabs & arps with a few drops here & there make this (dare we say it) slightly trancey but in the best of ways…another end of nighter for sure.

Our boy Massey jumps on board and remixes Nothing I Need where he really cranks up the balearic-o-meter and takes the party away from the Adriatic to decamp on a remote desert island! No peak time club banger here, this is a straight up sunbathing/sunset watching makeover with lush stabs galore & a dreamy melody line to boot!