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Vetle Nærø – Introspection


7K! Presents “Hypnagogia”, 2nd single taken from «Introspection», the upcoming new album by Norwegian pianist & composer Vetle Nærø. Out 16th April 2021, it’s inspired by an inward, emotional, gaze, conveying feelings which are often difficult to translate into words…

“Hypnagogia” contains both tranquility and high drama, a contrast which alludes to the different memories and images which are triggered in the mind during the transitional state of Hypnagogia: “Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. In this state you can experience vivid images and revisit memories.”(Vetle Nærø)

“Before the world locked down by the pandemic, I saw a world moving at an incredible high tempo. It was a world that expected you to achieve everything. You always have to work as hard as you can, and always be the best you can. Always being stimulated by the busy environment around you. It was also a world where I think many people lost themselves in this process. With this music I have tried to find a voice that can resonate with hopefully as many as possible. This is music created from my feelings, thoughts, stories, dreams and moments from my life. By making music that is direct and honest based upon the life we all live, I think that people are able to recognise themselves in the music. I believe in that if I can freely express myself in the music, then the listener can be able to do the same. My idea for this album was finding a voice that resonates with us all, trying to convey feelings we often find difficult to put into words: Which is why I called my second album «Introspection».” (Vetle Nærø)

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