Culture Crush
Eros EP
(Hawaii Bonsaï Records)
Release Date: April 1, 2021

Born out of the necessity to destroy the new cultural paradigm and its egomaniacal obsession, Culture Crush, the new, conceptual, dark solo project from Berlin-based producer Leandro Riccieri alias Leandro Viernes, celebrates freedom as a means of expression, transcending the limitations of expectation and madness. One question remains though, asked with a certain irony: Should love be reinvented?

Crushing pre-concepts about the ego culture of social networks and its consequent denial of Eros, the EP (containing four original tracks and three remixes by Hungarian producer and DJ Kalumet and Argentinean producer and composer Doma Tornados) invokes love, imagination and a free spirit with a language as magical and cryptic as unknown.

The EP is a conceptual masterpiece as the whole concept and their lyrics unite the ideas of two books and one poem: “The Circle” by Dave Eggers, “The Agony of Eros” by Byung-Chul Han and the poem „Aus einem Lesebuch für Städtebewohner” by Bertolt Brecht.

About to drop on the eclectic Swiss label Hawaii Bonsaï Records, the debut EP – named “Eros” after the track that set the pace for the creation of the whole project –, was composed and produced only with the use of an Akai MPC sampler and Leandro´s charismatic voice. Mixing multiethnic samples (Arab and African voices, flamenco clapping and castanets, Peruvian cicus and Argentine folk, among other elements), over dark and rabid dancehall and downtempo beats, consist of four new, powerful and danceable songs. Together with their lyrics (charged heavily politically as Culture Crush takes a stance against the rise of Neo fascism and the surveillance policies of social networks as a means of control), the songs emerge from the artist’s darkness, setting the pace for social change through personal transformation.

Originally hailing from Argentina, Leandro Riccieri alias Leandro Viernes, unites and sums up all his talent – as the versatile, innovative singer, musician and producer that he undoubtedly is – to switch sides and continents; a leap of faith into the magical and cryptic unknown. Sacrificing his old musical alter ego Leandro Viernes as well as his flourishing electro pop career which saw the release of three albums and countless singles and video clips on Espartaco Discos, in a heroic act of reinvention, he gives birth to her dark new creature, Culture Crush, the nightmarish version of his pop dream.

Culture Crush – Eros EP


1. Espiral (Radio Edit)
2. Negro (Radio Edit)
3. Transparencia
4. Eros
5. Negro (Kalumet Remix)
6. Negro (Doma Tornados Remix)
7. Eros (Kalumet Remix)

Recorded between May 2019 and September 2020 at:

– Portátil Studio, Berlin – Germany,
– Kimono Studio, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
– Carl Bahner Studio, Lancaster – EEUU.


– „Espiral“ Martin Misenta + Culture Crush.
– „Negro“ Carl Bahner + CC.
– „Transparencia“ and „Eros“ Culture Crush.


– „Espiral“ and „Transparencia“ by Martin Misenta, Kimono Studio.
– „Negro“ by Carl Bahner and Sebastian Cordovés.
– „Eros“ by Sebastian Cordovés.

Mastering: Sebastian Cordovés.
Photo Cover: Martin Borini.
Graphic Designer: Sandra Fernandez.