Jean Yann Records presents RAINBOW, Floxyd’s latest techno EP.
Previously featured and released on several of the label’s releases Floxyd is a long-time label resident, DJ, mixer, mastermind behind the mastering, friend and producer. Working closely with the team and some very unique guests Floxyd delivers an exquisite episode. Powerful, raw, up-beat but most of all bewitching RAINBOW further confirms “Flo’s” passion for techno music.

A1 – Floxyd – Rainbow
STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP goes the kick, TIK TIK TIK TIK go the snares and WIIHU,
WIIHU, WIIHU, WIIHU goes the acid! Rainbow definitely is a peak-time techno track. The
intricate structure, the subtleties behind the blending of xylophone notes, the 303 acid
melodies, the hammer-like rhythm are all elements that match and create a flawless banger! Whether you’re going through ups or downs the beat behind this diamond of a track is absolutely going to blow your mind and sweep you off your feet.

A2 – Floxyd – Organique
KICK, KICK, KICK, KICK goes Organique, the second bomb in this EP. Visiting another area of the techno world, Organique is all about this fundamental beat that keeps your head banging and your feet stomping. Nothing was left to chance in this track, Floxyd smartly intertwined up-beat peak moments with very gentle, nerve-racking breaks. The result is a psychedelic form of hard-dance or techno, not your average neck-breaker.

B1 – Floxyd – Api
Nothing to do with an Application Programming Interface, Api, standing for “Apo” is the very first track Floxyd ever named after his little baby girl (Cuddoz). Now, all this is cute and nice, until you actually listen to the beast and realize we’re talking techno, serious hard techno! Api could well be the most oppressive track of the lot, creating a dark-room-like atmosphere, mixing detonating kicks with thunderous melodies to create a dancefloor ripper.

B2 – Floxyd – Saucisse Végétale (bonus track)
One might ask “what the fuck?!”, yet one would never get the time to listen to an answer.
Saucisse Végétale is precisely why Jean Yann Records is proud to work with the talented artist that is Floxyd. For this track the entire crew participated and even featured one the label’s closest friends, namely: Jon Filet (vocalist). The result is a mix of fun, techno, dreams, acid and a low carbon footprint.