Russian producer and multi-instrumentalist Biicla has today released a brand new single “Getting High”, the first offering from his forthcoming project – the Outside EP – out in July on TOKiMONSTA’s imprint Young Art Records. Getting High captures Biicla’s genre-defying appeal, blending influences from pop, hip-hop and electronica into a beautifully cohesive record.

Getting High comes with a DIY music video shot from Biicla’s apartment in his small hometown in Siberia. Filmed during a period of covid-related lockdowns in Russia, Biicla can be seen staying busy inside, fighting feelings of loneliness and addiction, while simultaneously trying to stay active and upbeat. It’s a familiar feeling we’ve all grown accustomed to over the past year, and Biicla brilliantly captures this ongoing feeling of stifled creativity and fatigue.

Biicla shared some words about what the single means to him:
“When you listen to the track Getting High for the first time, you think it’s about a girl, but it’s not quite true. This is a song about addiction, the main character is definitely not getting along with himself and he tries to relax and disconnect from problems in this way. During the addiction, he finds a muse, whom he asks to stay.”