Artist: Hamza Rahimtula
Title: Banjara Series, Mali
Label: Wind Horse Records
Cat #: WHR052
Format: Digital
Genre: Afro House, Deep House, House
Release Date:
Beatport Exclusive – 16.07.21
Official – 30.07.21
Buy / Pre Order: 09.07.21

Wind Horse label founder Hamza, returns with another swashbuckling offering on his effusive & eclectic imprint, titled ‘Banjara Series – Mali Edition’, curating a 10-track offering that consisting of summery, ethnic & organic house music with subtle elements of disco inspired by the beautiful country of Mali.

The rolling tides, sun-kissed Landscapes & saharan vibe of the nation is echoed with aplomb as the compilation kicks off in frenetic fashion with ‘Nindjougou’ & ‘Tolon’ Featuring the Legendary musician Bassekou Kouyate and his son Madou Kouyate. Incredibly proficient in diverse styles of house music, Hamza displays his prowess for ethnic instruments with Soumba Soumba, Neon Afro & Ben Kadi. The first half of the package certainly gives listeners an aural smorgasbord of the sonic traits of the African nation, fused with contemporary electronic basslines, percussions & pulsating rhythms that are bound to send dancefloors into a tizzy.

Rolling into part dos, the veteran Indian artist ensures that the Malian palette of sounds does not meander in monotony. ‘Tribal Calling’ is quintessentially African, complete with striking vocals & bouncy basslines. Not shying away from his adopted African roots, Hamza gives “Ben Kadi” a re-treatment in the same vein. Busier and stripped down with stabs of delicate chords make this remix a must have. ‘Timbuktu’ follows suit, a tech-house corker with hypnotic vocals that’s meant for those intense & intimate club moments.

“Mali Tech” can be considered to be the crescendo to this magnificent offering, tailor-made for the big room. Banjara Series (Mali Edition) concludes with the gorgeously constructed “Souleyman Sangara”, complete with uplifting and unreal vocals.