Label Name: – Bodies (Sound+Matter)
Release Date: – Friday, July 9 2021

Track Listing:

1. How To Navigate In The Dark (Hate’s Eternal Emptiness)
2. Behind The Clouds (Close Your Eyes)
3. This Is Pornography (My Love Will Save You)
4. Aeon

Record Sounds Like: Hypnotic industrial techno meets dramatic ambient.

Spite Cathedral takes no hostages with his latest 12”lathe cut EP. In just four tracks, Sound+Matterʼs own Dan Mortazavi has fit everything we love about his solo work. The self-titled track, and EP opener, throws us in a world where industrial techno-infused beats reign. Those are pierced by harsh synth stabs, contributing to an overall sense of electronic hypnosis and paranoia. The brief ambient interludes that follow are showcasing Spite Cathedralʼ s usual takes on ambient – the arpeggiated 80s synth worship (Behind the Clouds) and the throbbing noisescapes (This Is Pornography). Dropping the tempo down and through subterranean kick drums and washed down percussion, layered with beautifully dramatic strings and pads, Spite Cathedral makes of Aeon the ultimate closing piece, menacing and deceivingly calming in the same time.