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Bajazo feat. Carmen Mainegra – We Hold The Moment [04177 Records]


We Hold The Moment (incl. Remixes) by Bajazo, Zacharias, Carmen Mainegra, D.K.denz, Marvin Boettcher, Osinscky

Next up on04177 Records is the ‘Lindenau007’ EP from label head honcho Bajazo. The EP is a 6 track EP and also the first under Franz Gustrau new alias aka Bajazo on his own Label “04177 Records”.

The lead track ‘We Hold the Moment’ features Carmen Mainegra and the package contains remixes from other artists from Bajazo hometown Leipzig. He says “The vocals come from a friend who moved back to Leipzig. We know each other when we were teenagers and i realised that she made great music now. She has a beautiful voice. The original is a nice Chill House or rather Deep House track. Created was this piece of music this year in 2021. When the original was ready i thought of Leipzig artists which I like very much and appreciate the music. Some of them are also friends of mine”.

The result is 4 remixes that have it in themselves. The last track is a reprise where all the drums and the bassline are off. Only the vocals, the pads and the rest do their work.He continues “For me, it’s a very nice piece of music and a lovely EP. The great piano sounds lush Vocals beautiful breaks warm basslines floating rides and deep pads. From Deep over Lo-Fi to House to Ambient.”

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