Today sees the return of Belgian-Caribbean provocateur Charlotte Adigéry and her long-term musical partner, Bolis Pupul, with their kaleidoscopic new single ‘Thank You’. The track is co-written and co-produced by Soulwax and released via their iconic label, DEEWEE.

‘Thank You’ is a tantric acid-electro stomper characterised by Charlotte’s signature deadpan vocal delivery who describes it as “a cheeky and cynical revenge for all the unwanted, unsolicited opinions some people generously offer us”. Today’s release also cements Charlotte and Bolis as a duo under both their names for the first time in their career, with the track functioning as a flawless interpretation of the duo’s idiosyncratic sound: nocturnal heaters to make the club throb, but with an off-kilter pop sensibility.

In line with the single release Charlotte & Bolis have also launched their new website which allows fans to share their own personal stories in relation to the theme of the single. Charlotte & Bolis were keen to highlight the importance of conversation, a component intrinsic to their creative process, and so are excited to instigate the same with their fans.

The single also comes accompanied with a video shot at Studio DEEWEE and produced by the team behind DEEWEE TEEVEE.

The Ghent-based duo, who broke out with their 2019 Zandoli EP, are rare storytellers in electronic music. They take the temperature of the time and funnel them into their playful synth concoctions – poking and prodding at the pop zeitgeist with their unpredictable and subversive style of electro-pop. The EP was lauded by the likes of The Guardian, Dazed, Vogue, NME and Pitchfork who dubbed it “striking, playful electro pop with a sly sense of humour”. EP highlights ‘Paténipat’ and ‘High Lights’, picked up support across UK radio and were also playlisted by BBC 6Music.

Charlotte and Bolis will be performing at this year’s Pitchfork Paris and Pitchfork London festivals this November.