Tortured Soul – 20th Anniversary Album ft Osunlade, Miguel Migs & more.

Label Name: – Slammin Media

Release Date: – Monday, November 22 2021


Track Listing:

  1. I Might Do Something Wrong – Super Original Edit Intro (1:11)
  2. I Might Do Something Wrong – Osunlade Lonely Mix (7:20)
  3. Don’t Hold Me Down (6:36)
  4. I Know What’s on Your Mind – John Christian Urich Tropical Island Sex Mix (6:15)
  5. Home to You (5:53)
  6. Did You Miss Me – John Christian Urich Remix (Radio Edit) (4:19)
  7. Why – DJ Spinna Remix (7:39)
  8. Hot For Your Love Tonight (4:53)
  9. Enjoy It Now (5:35)
  10. Can’t Keep Rhythm from A Dancer – Miguel Migs Salted Vocal (10:11)
  11. I’ll Be There for You (4:40)
  12. Don’t Lead Me On – John Christian Urich Soul Remix (4:56)
  13. U Live 2 Far Away – John Christian Urich Remix (6:01)
  14. We Like Tequila (3:34)
  15. Fall in Love – Live from Little Big Beat Studios (7:30)
  16. Special Lady – Live from Little Big Beat Studios (8:32

Record Sounds Like: File under “Dance” or “House”

Brooklyn soulful-house trio, Tortured Soul, presents their anniversary album– a curated mix of fan favourites and unreleased gems–to celebrate 20 years of house hits. The album features five tracks/mixes that have never been released, including two live recordings from the band’s 2020 performance at Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein.

With their first single “I Might Do Something Wrong” having been released 20 years ago, the group feels it is necessary to pause and acknowledge their accomplishments. “This is not a comprehensive catalog release. It’s just a little party to take a moment and say, ‘Hey let’s be grateful for what we’ve achieved’”, says the group’s frontman, John Christian Urich. “We were going to call the album ‘Greatest Hits’ but felt that when someone releases a ‘Greatest Hits’ record it feels like they’re announcing the end of their career”. With another album full of brand-new songs in the works, the group wants to assure their listeners this is surely not the case for Tortured Soul.

With remixes from the vault sprinkled amongst the classics the band has become known for, the 20th Anniversary Album is for old and new fans alike. As John Christian would like both parties to know, “We appreciate your support always, and we can’t wait to see you again”.

“20th Anniversary Album” will be available on October 22nd 2021 from Slammin Media and distributed worldwide through Believe Distribution.

Artwork Download – Tortured-Soul-–-20th-Anniversary-Album_ArtworkMGMT.jpg

Artist Quote – „“So …we were going to call the album “ greatest hits “ but to us when you hear someone is releasing a “greatest hits” record, it always feels like they’re announcing the end of their career. As we will be releasing a brand new album in a couple of months after this is released, this is hardly the case. however .. because our first single “I Might Do Something Wrong“ was released 20 years ago (which is hard to believe) it felt like we’d be remiss if we didn’t pause to acknowledge that, and .. compile some of our most well-known songs and reflect on what we’ve accomplished for a moment.”

  • John Christian Urich