Label: Paille Records
Catalogue Number: PAI005
Format: Digital
Genre: House
Release Date: 11 February 2022

Starting off 2022 with a revamp on Tonis‘ Island Time EP. Four kick-ass artists delivered their takes on the original two-tracker. First up, we have Yesca with his take on ‚All About‘, with rhythmic bass lines, crunchy hats sprinkled on side-chained strings and heavy drums; you’ll find yourself dancing involuntarily on this stabs-packed groover. Second take on ‚All About‘ is by Looswing, as the name suggests, his remix is loaded with swinging hats, rolling bass and a nasty breakbeat; a true dance floor jam made on the crossroads of House and Breaks.
On the flip side things go deeper with Ritmo Du Vela, his Deep Inside Mix of ‚Island Time‘ is a silent killer with dusty snares, smartly chopped pads and a long exciting build-up, a legit ear candy. Followed by Benjamin Groove’s contrasting perception of the same cut, his dynamic remix is filled with vibrant sax licks, bold bass lines and a fast-paced rhythm, a weapon designed to demolish any club.