Label: Oath
Cat #: OATH004S1
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 16.03.22

Ahead of the LP release ‘Self Reflection’, Oath are pleased to present the first single off the new Melchior Sultana record, ‘Dogma’, which in many ways gives a delightful teaser of things to expect with his latest long play.

In true Sultana fashion, the opening is a full to the brim emotive affair, with sultry chords flowing our way atop a collection of impeccably balanced percussive elements, and before long the organ makes itself known, acting almost as a free agent amongst a sea of cascading grooves. The bass line that perks up at certain moments only adds to the momentum this track has, with the hi hats piercing through the remaining space like a knife through butter. The listener is placed within it all, captivated by the emotional lead organ line and enticed to move by the unreal sense of rhythm. The sense of evolution comes in the form of the guitar work that places itself effortlessly within the second half of the show, with little key flourishes acting as the icing on top of a faultless performance. It’s classic Sultana, with flair aplenty and an enormity of good vibrations to get lost within, with his multi-instrumentalism on full display to be appreciated and taken in. In our eyes, its a superb indicator of the overall experience that is found within ‘Self Reflection’, so be sure to stay tuned for that – hopefully, this track is top of the list as a soundtrack to your latest walk in the sunshine….