Please introduce your project to our readers.

OG Overgroundmusic: We are a young collective of multitalented individuals who’ve developed a passion for the night scene. Our group started off by helping multiple other collectives, and at some point, we decided to do it ourselves. There are many drug users in the underground scene, and we realized how important it was for the organizers to have a clear mind, especially when you deal with so many
individuals. Our goal is for the people to find escape from current society, either mentally, physically or emotionally. In the end, people just want to have a good time and feel safe.

-How does your team handle music requests?

OG Overgroundmusic: Depending on the guest, we have a various list of reactions. Every event of ours has a theme, based on clothing, music genre, or purpose, and if the request fits the environment & genre, we are willing to play what’s requested if we have it prepared.

What does your team do when equipment goes on strike?

OG Overgroundmusic: Stay calm, smoothly solve the problem, and take care of the guests. Once again, everyone’s out for a good time. Interact with the crowd! If they know it can be fixed, they don’t mind waiting. Communication is vital in such moments.

-What are the musical influences from your team’s childhood?

OG Overgroundmusic: The team is completely international. Everyone comes from a different background, and generalizing this question for us is almost impossible. We all grew with the modernization of music, and developed interest in the craziest scenes. This is where our paths have crossed, so we’re always up for anything new. From Drum & Bass to Psytrance, Deep House to Hard Techno, there’s always room to improve, and the scene in Berlin is constantly changing.

-Is it even possible to argue about musical tastes?

OG Overgroundmusic: Music is freedom, arguing about musical taste is like arguing about the perspective of freedom. Let’s leave this topic aside and listen to each mother’s music instead, we can get to know each other much better.

-Which track would run when your team moved into a boxing match?

OG Overgroundmusic: Every DJ in our collective would play a different song. Anything that would make people want to rip off their clothes and dance.

What was the worst job your team has ever had to do?

OG Overgroundmusic: Setting up an event in the pouring rain must’ve been the worst. Everyone knows what they’re good at, and what they can contribute to make the event as nice as it can be. So far, it’s been really amazing in our collective.

-Describe your collective’s music to someone who has never heard it before.

OG Overgroundmusic: Each DJ has their specialty and preferences when it comes to mgenre and BPM. So far, the best feedback we’ve had was in our techno / hard techno raves. In which case, pack up an extra shirt, drink up on your minerals, cause you’re in for a long night of stomping.

-Does your team have any good tour stories from clubs or festivals?

OG Overgroundmusic: We like to meet once a week as long as there’s no restrictions involved. The last weeks during the dance event bans we’ve seen some of the worst, and best illegal raves in our lives. There were many things we’ve learned from these mevents, and many things where we will take extra precaution of as well. For details of these stories, just swing by our events and ask us personally instead. We will see if you can handle it.

-What would your team do if you weren’t musicians?

OG Overgroundmusic: Once again, we are all multitalented individuals. None of us are solely musicians, because we enjoy diverse interactions and have multiple dreams, goals and talents. We work hard, and party harder, and we appreciate the best music there is.

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