Track Listing:

1.) intro
2.) Circumambient
3.) Something Missing
4.) Re:Thoughts
5.) The Floating World
6.) Colours In My Head
7.) These Faces
8.) Wandering Tokyo
9) The Space Around
10.) Plattfields with Florence
11.) Dream of

Record Sounds Like: euphoric, trancey, progressive and textured. Similar to bicep, Dusky, Boards of Canada and Bonobo

Circumambient is the debut album from Nickon Faith out soon.

An 11-track record that draws inspiration from many of the genres and musicians who have influenced his artistic journey. Extensive ambient soundscapes are blended with trancey synths and gated vocal lines, textured backgrounds with organic samples, and bright percussion. In addition, some of the songs have unusual instrumentation inspired by eastern music and more exotic sounds.

Each track is unique, but the entire work has a distinct character and rhythm, with interlude tracks to break it up, as if narrating a story.

Mastered by „A working Studio“
Artwork by Cecily Howarth
Visuals by 2step.png

Artist Quote – „The tracks in Circumambient have mainly been drawn from experiences I’ve had, and phases in life where thoughts are overwhelming, ever present and surrounding, which is why I chose the name „Circumambient“. With some of these songs having been worked on and constantly changed over a period of 3-4 years to get to where they are now, feeling as though everything is constantly just going around in circles which really brings home the themes that are being conveyed of being stuck in this whirlwhind of thoughts and emotion.

Embarking on a project like this has been a goal of mine ever since I started my musical journey as a young teenager, and the struggle to get all the pieces to fit together and tell a story like this has felt incredibly fulfilling.