1 – Introspection
2 – Charbon Alcool
3 – Balek Zouk

4 – Blanc Nuit
5 – Hagen and Again

6 – The Balek Bad
7 – Lenteur

8 – Cosmic Barry
9 – Kenesam

Record Sounds Like: Post Funk psychedelic / Caribbean Electronic

The Balek Band step up for their debut LP, a gorgeous record of Post-Funk Psychedelica, Caribbean Electronics and otherworldly Rhythmic cuts.

As far as Debut LPs go, this is up there. The Balek Band make full use of the Long Player format, this is a record of 9 tracks that work as a whole, each establishing themselves whilst pulling in the same direction as a whole, tapping into different ideas and musical cultures whilst working as a cohesive whole.

Dropping this June on Abstrack Records – The Balek Band „Médecines“

Artist Quote – „After 2 ep’s The Balek Band come back with an incredible first album signed on Abstrack Records.
It will be the 6th release of the label and the first album they produced