Following a debut Boiler Room performance at Belfast’s AVA Festival, releases on Extended Play & Nocturne and captivating live set performances at Celtronic, Derry-based Cartin delivers a two track EP spanning UK hyper-breaks and monstrous 2-step mutations for Rudimentary Records that emphasis even further exactly why the emerald isle is so excited about him.

Belfast based label Rudimentary Records have trailblazed their own distinctive path through the city soundscape, releasing a diverse back catalogue from Fono One, Bass Clef, G3 – and remixes from Amor Satyr and Kaidi Tatham – and more with a strong focus on experimental bass exploration. Cartin’s animated performances and captivating electronic productions have only emphasised the opinion that the emerging artist is next to break following the path led by fellow Irish artists such as Kessler and Sputnik One.

Having contributed a remix to Yoru’s Yeah. Yeah? Yeah! on the label in 2021, the EP feels like a natural progression for both an artist and label with a keen ear for killer club cuts that pull influence from a variety of sources and walk the tightrope between functional and malfunctioning.

Grey Skies‘ is a cut of emotive, break-beat driven bass-weight. Pulling influence from the worlds of hyper-pop, the breakdowns provide moments of angelic ecstasy before a bass-face jungle riddim breaks and shatters across glitch-club aesthetics. ‚

‚PTSD’ is destined to shut down clubs around the world; a cut of science-fiction fuck-step with a contemporary classical synth-line that’s as monstrous as it is beautiful.

‚Grey Skies‘ is set to drop on Rudimentary Records July 21st.