In what’s been a stand out year for the Berlin based, London born, DJ & producer, Amy Dabbs has dropped releases on Lobster Theremin, launched her own label ‘Dabbs Traxx’ and collaborated with junglist Coco Bryce on new label project ‘LT CODA’. With a distinguished sound and undeniable flair, both behind the booth and in the studio, Amy’s brand of classic house and radiant jungle now comes to Low Battery with her ‘Baddest Gal’ EP.

Today [July 22nd] Title track and the records first single ‚ Baddest Gal‘ drops digitally. An emotional percussive workout that combines thoughtful arrangement with euphoric and dreamy notes; It’s one of those tracks that could work just as well in a DJ set or cloud watching as the world slowly drifts by.

Speaking on ‚Baddest Gal‘ Amy said:

„I programmed every drum, snare and hat from the ground up, and whilst there were times where I was like ‘Why am I putting myself through this’ (whilst looking at my 42 ableton channels and the drum rack from hell) the freak in me takes great pleasure in the control that doing this gives me and the slightly different angle on jungle vibes it gives the tunes.“

The full record drops August 26th on Low Battery.