Label Name: – Fresh Meat Records

Release Date: – Friday, August 26 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Memories of You
  2. Memories of You (Alinka Remix)
  3. Tonal Effect
  4. Get Up

Record Sounds Like: Deep grooves paying tribute to the lush and raw feeling of 80s and 90s Chicago House music.

The latest self-contained collection of hypnotic house music by Luis Baro furthers his explorations into the far reaches of rhythmic imagination. The Aging Children EP is inspired by Joni Mitchell’s ‘Songs to Aging Children Come’. These tracks are Luis’ tribute to the adults that release their inner child everytime they hit a dancefloor; the people who have learned that dance is therapy for most of life’s everyday stresses.

The EP starts with ‘Memories of You’, a dedication to first time love. This understated composition triggers unconscious memories of naive emotion wrapped in acid house textures. Luis peppers tastefully placed vox snippets from one of his favorite voices. He manages to mold the formalist fidelity of the genre into something stranger that vibrates in the mind after the last beat drops.

Chicago-bred and Berlin-based talent Alinka remixes ‘Memories of You’. She builds a new rhythm section and mutates the bassline of the original, resulting in a longer snare-heavy workout that manages to invoke the lush and raw feeling of 80s Chicago House without imitating any of that era’s tropes. Alinka’s version is for a DJ that likes long blends and a dancer that just won’t stop.

The third track, ‘Tonal Effect’, is the most driving cadence of the EP with its taut, spiky drum machine programming and pistoning chords, echoing the formalism of early 90s Detroit. The percussion morphs throughout the track, shifting around the angular synth and bass tones, making this the kind of track that stays fresh while going on and on.

‘Get Up’ completes the EP, sounding like Luis’ take on what an alien disco band might play if they were secretly performing in the clandestine level of a starship as it begins to leave the solar system for the neverending darkness of the unknown.

All tracks written and produced by Luis Baro.
Track 2 additional production and mix by Alena Ratner.
All tracks mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering USA.