Label Name: – [non]Optimal

Release Date: – Friday, September 30 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Ghust

Record Sounds Like: An 8-bit Silent Hill techno club soundtrack

Following debut records on both Machine Woman’s Take Away Jazz records and his own [non]Optimal outlet, ROMsets is set to release new single ‘Ghust’ on September 30th on digital formats.

Ghust goes headfirst into Leftfield techno with a hypnotic lead line that conjures up images of an 8-bit horror game boss fight. Driven by increasingly intense clockwork style percussion and a snare that sounds like being hit in the head by a lego brick, the track is littered with blips that you keep you from fully locking on. Later, the lead line gives way to twisted, bleepy riffs that work their way out of the sludgy sudo-bass and into the sparseness. All this, of course, is given the ROMsets rinse for his trademark dithered sound.

Artist Quote – „ROMsets initially had issues with the tracks run time: „I was going to make ‘Ghust’ a lot longer, almost like a club record. But there was something about the energy, arrangement and short run time that made it feel some weird roller coaster ride… intense, short, and oddly satisfying… despite nausea.“