Label: Minor Notes Recordings
Cat #: MNRD007
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House / Tech House
Digital Release Date: 06/10/22
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It’s time to open the dark side of Minor Notes… And introduce you to a new artist in our roster. Please welcome Gronery!

This man is truly a hard worker in music production. His friends complain that he can’t stop writing new music even at their home parties, where all girls go wild when they hear signature Gronery style. No surprise, because Artem has been making music for more than 10 years now. Starting with making beats on legendary eJay DAW in the ghetto of Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) he studied on his own what groove is. Being in progress, using new hardware such as MPC and synths Artem started his experiments with electronic music. After moving to Moscow Gronery crystallized his own sound and all boundaries between styles were finally erased. Now he is more into making fat hip-hop beats, super dope deep & tech house.

Segment EP it’s practically an album of selected tracks, which were written in the last 3 years. We collected significant part of club ready bombs from Artem’s Ableton projects for your prime time gigs plus added super heavy remix from DJ Max (Sergei Timoshenko, art-director of legendary Propaganda Moscow Club) to wrap up this release finally. Here you have 7 tracks with unique deep & tech flow with some acid influence and samples of porn-stars interviews before they got banged. Be careful And obey Gronery now!