Artist: Kisk
Title: Weeks LP
Label: Apparel Tronic
Format: Digital
Genre: Hosue / World
Release Date: 28 Oct 2022

We had to wait five odd years to finally manage to release the very first record entirely produced by Kisk on Apparel Tronic. The label’s co-founder and co-owner put together a stunning experimental mini LP called ‘Weeks’, which contains seven tracks, named after every day of the week from ‘Monday’ to ‘Sunday’. The digital album features a vast range of sonic experimentations, applied on several different tempos and epitomises Kisk’s urgency of changing, during a very defined time span, his perspective on music production. The hard-hitting rhythm sections, the creamy bass-lines and the frantic, eerie atmospheres that he is able to display in ‘Weeks’ haven’t always been the cornerstone characteristics of his musical formation, which so-far have been rotating pretty much around Jazzy House, Jungle and Trip-Hop. However, the style exercise he put in place with this LP explains his tireless determination for finding new motivations, new stimuli and perfectly represents his puzzled, unorthodox, curious personality. ‘Weeks’ is the most accurate example of his versatility and we’re thrilled to introduce you to it, on Apparel Tronic, always on the lookout for innovation, newness and sonic mutation.