Who is Pawas?

I wish I knew and could give you a straight answer. The day anyone us finds out who we actually are, is the day we all will achieve “Nirvana / Salvation”

Tell us about your new release on Sound of Berlin?

Music is something which should be heard and not talked about. Me saying a few words will not change the perspective of the listener.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

The ability / possibility of mixing 4/4 kick drums together… it still fascinates me after 25 years of playing music.

Who are your greatest influences? (Please provide 3x YouTube or Soundcloud links with some words about each)

– DJ Koze: The art of not giving a fuck should have been written by him. After all these years of making music and DJ-ing, he still manages to produce inimitable sounds and surprises everyone.

– Mastra: A swiss underdog, hailing from the lovely city of “Bern” When I first met him in 2009, we immediately connected and started to make music together. I can happily say that he has heavily influenced my journey as a producer and DJ

And helped me shape my sound !

– Daft Punk: The OGs of sampling, without them I would not have been attracted to Electronic music, when I first heard “Around the world”  in 1997 I was hooked and started digging for more. 

This is a message to all the producers out there, you never know who will be inspired by that one track of yours!

How would you define your sound?

The sound produced by Pawas

How has your sound evolved so far?

Sometimes I look back and listen to my older releases and think, damn, I could never produce like that, as I was making music without much knowledge and more with intuition. Sometimes the less you know is better, the more I learned about sound design the focus changed, hence I have a feeling that I have devolved in certain ways.

I have certainly evolved In terms of buying unnecessary synthesisers, which I am trying to get rid of and keep the studio space empty and not cluttered like the mind should be before producing.

What is the scene like for you in Berlin?

Its special, never-ending parties, fun set times, in flux of artists, like minded people, great culinary scene which makes the city a very interesting place to live.

What else can we expect from you over the next year?

I wish I was a Clairvoyant and could tell you future. I dont plan much, I let life happen !!