Label Name: – Tstc Music/Slammin Media

Release Date: – Friday, November 25 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Take the Day Off (4:43)
  2. It’s Your Turn (feat. Saucy Lady) (5:22)
  3. U Live 2 Far Away (4:20)
  4. Let’s Get Naked (6:41)
  5. It’s Kind of Late (4:50)
  6. When I Let You Inside (4:38)
  7. Your Body Doesn’t Lie (4:28)
  8. Dancing in the Corner With My Favorite Girl (4:30)
  9. It’s So Easy (feat. Dannielle DeAndrea) (4:04)
  10. You’re the Same (5:04)
  11. Makin’ Me Better (4:31)
  12. I Wish You Were Here (feat. Lisa Shaw) – John Christian Urich Mix (7:03)

Record Sounds Like: Tortured Soul’s sound is reminiscent of neo-soul groups like Jamiroquai or Brand New Heavies, while also being influenced by the contemporary freshness of house purveyors like Louie Vega, and nu-disco artists like Soul Clap and Purple Disco Machine.

The new album from the soulful-house group, Tortured Soul, centers around the idea of temporarily shirking responsibility to live your best life. Their catalog currently boasts eight tracks with over one million streams & past collaborations with house vets like Black Coffee & Ralf Gum. Supporting partners include promotions company Mil-MGMT who will service the single to dance radio and DJs internationally and publicist Eric Alper. Winter 2022/3 Tour Dates in South Africa.

Artist Quote – „Productivity is certainly the key to morale; however, sometimes you have to press pause and live out a fantasy. Much of this album is dedicated to the idea of playing hooky–and it’s much more fun to play hooky with a partner in crime than to go it alone. Let Tortured Soul be your “bad” influence. Let it be our fault that you decide to shirk your responsibilities for a bit. No judgement here. We advocate guilt-free hedonism for a day, or two.
That being said, descending too far into the depths of hedonism has its consequences. It can make you emotionally weak, cause unnecessary anguish, and make you fixate on a reality that doesn’t actually exist, so beware of spiraling out of control. Keep your wits about you, and a day off could do magic for your soul. And guess what? Taking a chance and taking that day off with us might just be a springboard for an exciting new relationship! Or a new chapter in a long-standing one…
Champagne anyone?“