Label: Fortunea
Format: Vinyl, Digital Streaming
Genre: House / Deep House
Release Date:
31 March 2023 (Digital)
August 2023 (Vinyl)
Buy / Pre Order: 3 March 2023

Fortunea Records starts off 2023 with the 4th edition of their VA-series ‚Fortunea Cookies‘ to highlight the status quo in Austrian house music.

A band that is generating buzz in this country right now is Spitting Ibex. Their music is a mixture of funk and heavy rock, in the style of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince and Rage Against The Machine. Currently they are touring with their brand-new album‚ E.G.O.‘ through Europe and Peletronic had the honor to remix the title-track of their previous record ‚Love Hate Fear Fate‘. In this ‚Disko Miks’ he transforms the song into a driving house weapon.

In 2021 Nick Hanzo released his ‚Candy Places‘ EP. And on this record was a memorable abstract lo-fi house track called ‚Saturn Nate’ that gets on FC4 a treatment by Klaus Benedek. In this new version he accelerates the speed and focuses even more on the aspect of space travel with the addition of sound fx, pads, pianos and a Italo disco-inspired baseline.

Of course this release has not only remixes of previous tracks, but also 2 originals! The B-side features Dzc. again with her ‚Expressions‘ of night culture. Caution! This will catapult the crowd up to new heights. An energetic peak-time tune that delves deep into 90s house and trance sonic images.

And finally Markus Quittner returns from Linz and brought his ‚Game‘ to the table. A board full of bouncing dices, strong drum patterns and funky orchestrations. A pleasure for the ears.

Fortunea Cookies Vol. 4 will come out on the 31st of march 2023 in its digital form and later this year on white limited vinyl too. Don’t sleep on this