2LP, digital

  1. Art Break
  2. Wrong
  3. La Pendue
  4. Mr. Guillotine
  5. Never Satisfied
  6. Lover’s Crime
  7. City Lights
  8. Dancing With Demons
  9. The Letter
  10. Death Of A Lover
  11. Regarding The Pain Of Others
  12. Social Anxiety feat. Broken English Club

Years of Denial is back on Veyl with their second LP ‚Suicide Disco Vol. 2‘. The follow up to 2019’s ‚Suicide Disco‘, the duo makes a triumphant return, elevating their distinct sound which fuses dark wave, goth, newbeat, post-punk, EBM, and techno. The LP features 12 tracks all written and produced at Ark of Noise studio, located miles away from the polluted noise of social turbulences, immersed in isolation, creative
indulgence, and poetic writing.

From the start, ‚Art Break‘ provides the perfect warm-up, gently cleansing the palette and re-introducing us to Barkosina’s lustful vocals with a slow-burning pace that only marks the beginning. ‚Wrong‘ picks things up, injecting a dose of body music for an infectious piece that bleeds into ‚La Pendue‘ which keeps the energy rising. Next up, ‚Mr. Guillotine‘ delivers a razor sharp edge, carving out a fresh post-punk feel which
then brings us to the brooding, ‚Never Satisfied‘.

‚Lover’s Crime‘ marks the halfway point of the record and one of the album’s standout tracks. Undeniably seductive with an ominous feel, the pair keep this mood going with ‚City Lights‘ and then smash things open with ‚Dancing With Demons‘. After the devious message sent with ‚The Letter‘, we are submerged in the romantic melancholia of ‚Death Of A Lover‘ and ‚Regarding the Pain of Others‘ before closing things out
with ‚Social Anxiety‘ which features vocals by longtime collaborator Broken English Club. The result is an immersive journey through the pair’s self described, Suicide Disco sound, and further builds on the Years of Denial form and legacy.