How do you handle music requests? 

It depends in what setting, if it’s a live show with my drummer sets tend to be pre-determined  to a certain extent due to the logistics of the live set up, click tracks, headphone mixes etc. If  it’s more laid-back DJ situation and the request fits the vibe, then sure ill open to requests.  

What do you do when equipment goes on strike? 

It’s never nice when equipment goes down. I think there’s a certain amount of preparation  you can do before hand to help alleviate such scenarios but there are always elements out  of our control. I have a power issue at my last festival actually where the sound cut out.  Think you just have to be calm, it’s not ideal obviously but ultimately, it’s not the end of the  world.  

What are your musical influences from childhood? 

Growing up there was always some kind of music going on in the house. None of my  immediate family were necessarily musical but my father was very creative, he was a  creative director that sketched storyboards for commercials. He had a nice vinyl collection  that consisted of artist such as Fleetwood Mac, Andrew Gold and Prince to name a few. I  think all these things pushed me in a creative direction. 

Is it even possible to argue about musical tastes? 

I mean probably not… Think the best thing about music is probably how subjective is. How  we all have these records/songs that go hand in hand with parts of our lives. I think a record  can be linked to a specific part of your life, for that person it holds a real special place for  them so in that respect there’s an emotional tie to this record that just might be felt by the  next person. I think there’s always a discussion about technicality, but I think taste trumps  technicality. 

Which track would run when you moved into your boxing match? 

I thought about this hard and I have the perfect track… haha Poison By The Prodigy would  be bangin. 

What was the worst job you ever had? 

Growing up I had so many mad jobs. I worked at a Bingo Hall, dish washer in Italian  restaurant, bar tender at a social club (think Pheonix Nights), entertainer at a kid’s fun  factory. Think the worst one was a Christmas job; I was given the task of following families  into a Delamere Forest where they were able to pick their own Christmas tree. This family  took me deep into this forest till the father finally exhaled “Thats the One!”. This was my first  day on the job and first family that I was to help. It was now my job to cut the tree down, As I  tried to cut this tree down with the smallest saw imaginable the father bellowed “watch the 

branches. I calmly stood up an informed the family I would be back shortly as I needed to  acquire the bigger saw. I left them in the forest that day, I walked to the nearest train station  an got myself out of there. I often wonder how long they waited before they realised, I wasn’t  coming back. 

Describes your sound to someone who has never heard it before. 

I always find this one difficult. I would say its electronic music, but I think it has a firm grip on  some kind of emotion. It’s also ever changing; I want to be free enough creatively that I can  follow any direction that I want to explore, for that to be possible its important that I don’t  have this preconceived notion of what music I’m making. But yeah electronic/dance music. 

Do you have any good tour stories from clubs or festivals? 

Most intense situation happened driving to a show. We were driving some kind of  van/sprinter down the motor way somewhere in the US. The vehicle Infront was transporting  a motorbike. The seat flew of the bike and smashed into out window, was super scary. We  tried to get the attention of the driver that was carrying the bike, but I believe he thought we  were road raging at him as I’m not sure he was aware of what happened. He started driving  super erratically and swerved off the motorway. We basically followed in pursuit until we  came to some red lights when our drummer jumped out, knocked on his window an  explained what had happened.  

What would you do if you weren’t a musician? 

Probably some form of artist/graphic designer possibly. I think I need some form of creative  outlet so something that allowed that. 

Which style of music should have the most followers? And why? 

This comes back to being super subjective, I’m going to say sleep music because I think its  chill. The thing I like about it is that nobody is making it to be the next Rihanna, It’s not driven  by a desire for gratification, maybe. Haha I dunno really, the rise of AI music is probably in  the post so I’m sure soon we will all be listening to faceless algorithms. 

What is the most important musical equipment invention of all time – and why? 

I have zero clue! Haha For me personally it was my first G4 mac. Before that I was in and  out of bands as a drummer, but that computer turned everything upside down for me. The  ability to create music from my home with a pair of headphones was so alluring. To this day  my mac is the centre of everything.

What would you advise to become a professional? 

I would say creativity has to find you working, make time to be playful in creation and just be  honest and relentless. Don’t overthink or focus on aspects of your career that are out of your  hands. This should be a labour of love, not a race to X amount of streams. 

„Manchester-based producer Frameworks continues to build anticipation for his upcoming album with new single ‘Cold’, released 3rd March. ‘Cold’ will feature on Frameworks’ hotly awaited LP Reflections, which drops on 14th April. Showcasing Frameworks’ talent for rich, warm compositions, ‘Cold’ scatters chopped-up vocal melodies over an atmospheric trip hop beat, draped in blossoming strings and haunting pianos. Over the past decade, the emotive producer has endeared himself to audiences through his thoughtful, evocative compositions, leading to performances at festivals such as Coachella, Electric Forest, Lightning In A Bottle, Camp Bisco and Shambhala, collaborations with Island Records staple JP Cooper and Ninja Tune’s Jono McCleery, and a European tour support slot with Emancipator.“