Artist: Mira Lo
Title: Memories EP
Label: Pont Neuf Records
Cat: PN022
Format: Vinyl, Digital + Streaming
Genre: House, Deep House, New Disco
Release Date:
‚Sparks‘ out March 17th, 2023 (single)
‚My Best Memory (feat. Lou Martini) ‚ out April 7th, 2023 (single)
Full EP out April 28th, 2023 (12″ vinyl & digital)
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Many female producers and DJs have emerged on the French house scene in recent years: and Mira Ló is one of them. After a first appearance on Pont Neuf in 2022 and then some first singles „Sparks“ and „My Best Memory“ earlier this year, the artist makes her long-awaited debut, with her first full-length Memories.

“2022 marked my arrival on Pont Neuf, but also the end of a love story. I wanted to tell the emotions I went through on this EP, between club euphoria to the melancholy of more personal moments. What’s interesting is that these two opposing emotions are also felt in my musical influences, through house and nu-disco, which fit perfectly with what I wanted to put into this music.” – Mira Lo

„I wanted to create a track that you could dance to with your eyes closed,“ says Mira Ló, describing the lead single “Sparks”, whose Flume-sque synthesizers lend a certain melancholy to this house and nudisco track. Released on 17 March, the track is accompanied by a video directed by Nicolas Burnage, and featuring the Parisian producer turning her friends into pastiche fashion magazine covers.

The old adage of less is more then comes to the fore on “Away From You”, which is not surprising given the circumstances in which the EP was produced. „There’s a touch of melancholy here, mixed with a club element, that used to help me get away from my breakup.”

The simple and effective groove marries up beside harmony-led female vocals, paving the way for a similarly emotional cut on „My Best Memory (feat. Lou Martini)“. About the second single from the EP, released on April 7, Mira Ló says: „This one was written right after the love story I’m talking about on the EP. I wanted to make a track that kept a groovy vibe that I love and that I can play in a club, while drawing on my nu-disco inspirations like Perseus, Pomo or Moon Boots. But I also wanted to bring in a more introspective feel, so I asked Lou to put his voice on it”.

„I Think You Worth It“ comes next. The penultimate track depicts a feel-good feeling with its bouncy bass, airy vocals and jazzy piano solo. There is a clear influence from Chicago, where Mira Ló was exiled for a few moments last year. Themes of happiness and celebration, embodying memories made on a solo excursion to the wonderful Windy City. As she herself says: „It was a dream to be able to go to Chicago. I was lucky enough to meet some lovely people and be welcomed with open arms.“

Finally, “Hope” closes the EP with a track as delicate, as soothing and catchy, between jazz-funk and deep-house. „I wanted to end the EP with a more jazzy-leaning track, mixed with my love for house music,“ she explains.

Mira Ló’s name has gradually become on the tip of every tongue of observers of the French house scene and of any fan of underground music. After first appearances on Pont Neuf Records but also on Happiness Therapy and Amsem Records, and thirty or so first dates in France in 2022, Mira Ló is undoubtedly one of the artists to follow for the years to come.