As changes take place, concerns and introspections are openly reflected in this new production. It’s no coincidence that her creative process has been directly affected by moving to the old continent. „See you soon Buenos Aires, good morning Madrid!“ Spain opens the door to new perspectives, and to a new side of this interesting artist.

“FLAPS“ explores the process of adjusting realities and expectations incessantly. It is inevitable for her to change direction towards a path that digs deeper into the different textures and sounds that electronic music can offer. Pre-producing with the same live-set that she uses live was an essential element in this project. Through exploration of available resources, personal growth is translated into coherent sounds and textures. “I like what happens live. It’s an instrumental search, less lyrical, less narrative. I was very aware of each step, from the number of elements, filters, instruments to the effects of the voice“.

Focusing on the use of analog synthesizers opens the door to new possibilities on stage. With an instrumental focused on precision and contemplation, she achieves a clarity that is almost beyond words. Decidedly, Lucía decides to embrace who she is and to put aside her insecurities. “On this record, for the first time, I didn’t think about how I wanted to be perceived or what was expected. I did what pleased me“. This choice has allowed her to get rid of expectations and thus calmly delve into creating pieces open to interpretation. “FLAPS“ evidences a change in tone and imprint.

Solitude as a meeting point. Intimate thoughts expressed in layers that reintroduce the depth you she’s willing to navigate. “In my case, the creative process can be very lonely. Many hours spent in that state condition you.Collaborations remain an essential part of the project. The album features the participation of the Valencian trio Margarita Quebrada in „SOLOS“, the Argentines Delfina Campos in „ÓRBITA“ and Wiranda Johansen in“DARK“, Maika Loubté, from Japan, in „ÚLTIMAMENTE“, and the Dominican trio Mula in “ ROTA“. “Specifically, on this album I wanted to collaborate with women and to make visible the work we do every day“.

A consistent and conceptual body of work. “FLAPS” is the result of traveling to many countries after being confined for a year and a half. Taking flights, literally, had an impact on Lucía. “The first track, “INERCIA”, is that sensation generated by sticking to the seat when taking off and landing”. Each song subtly refers to this theme.The creative direction played an important role in the execution. Each piece of art contains an element referencing this.

Sergio Pérez García (La Bien Querida, Mujeres, Cabiria) was an essential piece in the recording and mixingprocess. In the words of Lucía, ”I wanted to record everything simultaneously and be able to feel what I feel whenI play live. Sergio knows a lot about synthesis. We were able to find these audios and record with an analogconsole. Each element took on a life of its own.” Renowned mastering engineer Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar,Tyler, The Creator, Dillom) handled the last part of the process.‘

‚ELETÉ“, her previous work, was well received in international markets. This allowed her to tour the UK, Paris,Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Two years have passed since her last material, but the maturity isevident. Lucía makes the conscious decision to take the main role in the production. ELETÉ, the pseudonym sheis working under behind the scenes, will take on new meaning in the upcoming months