„OSSIGENO“ is the title of the album consisting of 12 tracks that will be released in two parts (catalog 151/152). Futuristic approach by the Italian artist, delivering his own sound, shaped with the years and always in constant evolution!

The preview of Pt 1 is out on SoundCloud and ready for purchase on Bandcamp. 

CONCEPTUAL – Ossigeno 1/2


  • 01. Senza di te
  • 02. A weird dream a day
  • 03. Enlightened ferocity
  • 04. The purgatory of ordinary mortals
  • 05. The High Priestess
  • 06. Pour la vie

Written and produced by Simone Scardino.

Original photo by Oiseau_X / Marcus Schmengler.

Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky at Koschitzky Studio, Gijón.


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