‚Valencia 89‘ is the new single from Madrid 79 in fuego en casa. The first instalment of a new series: after looking at alternative pasts in Madrid in the 80s and Barcelona in the early 90s, the destination is now Valencia.

The city of Valencia was at the forefront of global electronic music in the mid to late 80s with clubs like Barraca, Spook Factory, Chocolate, Espiral, NOD and Puzzle.

These new series by Madrid 79 aim at bringing back the freedom and the freshness of electronic music at the time : when everything had to be invented. The series is about a group of friends that meet at a parking lot of one of these clubs to start and end the long weekends. Each title will look at the story of one of these friends. This first instalment is the starting track : the one sounding in the stereo of the car while going to the club to meet the other friends.

Made up live with analogue synths basslines and acid bleeps, the track develops an electro acid beat with a pop feel.