Next up on Silk + Steel is a straight up summer heater from Manni Dee and producer, DJ and vocalist River Moon, marking their debut collaboration. HOT is out June 6th.

Linking up for the first time, the two artists bring their A-game for an unrestrained banger built to dominate Dancefloors. Bouncing on top of an unrestrained instrumental fit for the weightiest systems, River’s risqué verses of seductive lyrical heat flow effortlessly over the top of pounding rhythmic spirals. Fast, sweaty, loose…you get the drift.

Known initially for some killer remixes and bootlegs, before self-releasing her acclaimed debut album Martyr, rave princess River Moon’s music is a heady swirl of references. From R&B and punk to techno and house (and far beyond), her artistry is rooted in a genuine respect for the underground and a sharp eye for subculture.
Cultivating a sound and vision that shows no boundaries, Manni Dee is striking out from preconceived notions of who he is as an artist, and is leaving a definitive stamp in the fields of electronic music, art and fashion.

With a meeting of minds like this, it’s safe to say that HOT is an essential track for the summer.

„I knew me & River Moon could create something special. We’re both set on genre bending & blurring barriers between sounds. I sent the beat to River & she added the lyrical sass it needed, resulting in the sexy synthesis of techno & rap that I hope destroys dance floors. Thanks to River for making it rain fire.“ – Manni Dee