Shermanology make their much-anticipated Defected debut with the feel-good house track ‘Sometimes’. Comprised of brother and sister Andy and Dorothy Sherman, the Dutch duo have acquired much high-profile attention across the club space and A List radio, before making waves on the festival circuit around the world. Their latest release ‘Sometimes’ demonstrates their signature house sound, born from a hearty mix of UKG, Caribbean and soul influences that Andy Sherman incorporates into their uplifting live sets; Dorothy’s distinctive vocals remain crystal clear over Andy’s joyous production, establishing the pair as an unstoppable duo to watch.

Quotes from Shermanology:

Dorothy: „Sometimes we forget that we need to unwind and let go, and never stop enjoying life. That is what ‚Sometimes‘ is about. Come and have a good time!“
Andy: „We always wanted to blend a motown feel into house music, and ‚Sometimes‘ is that blend that we have been working on for a while. This is a tribute to the sounds that inspired us the most: Motown & House music.“