Label: Cosmocities Records
Cat: CMSR 012
Format: Digital, Streaming
Genre: House / Soul / Boogie
Release Date: 13th October 2023

On the latest servicing from Cosmocities, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist mainstay Erik Rico and DJ and producer C.Boogie serve up a bountiful array of soulful gifts, wrapped up in a beautiful rhythmical atmosphere that will surely shake any dance floor to the core…

The pair’s work is a benchmark for quality, from both a sonically and technical perspective, with groove and heart always driving things forward to new heights – covering a multitude of genres and styles with such effortlessness and grace. With releases with artists such as Tupac Shakur, Qtip (A tribe called quest), Jurassic 5,and many more, Rico has applied himself in so many spaces to such adulation, whilst C.Boogie has won plaudits and audiences over with his prowess behind the decks and the mixing board.

The result of this boundless creative pairing is the EP ‘How It Feels to be Loved’, The title track and its instrumental version are pure joy, taking the listener to new heights of feeling and passion. ‘Love Everlasting’ keeps the rhythm going on strong, combining inspired vocal work with expertly placed instrumental feels, with the piano and the claps doing much to shift the soul into heaven. To wrap things up, we have ‘So Captivated’, in both its original guise and in remix form, courtesy of 80s Babies, and this cut leaves the record ending on a real high. After all the energy we have become accustomed to, we are now treated to a slow burning piece of excellence, a tune that elegantly slides across the floor, encouraging all to smile, believe and be happy. Its a fitting end to an album dripping with vibration and creativity.