Dutch-Canadian electronic music producer apaull is gearing up to release his debut album, „Fought & Won,“ on December 8th. This 8-track LP, executive produced by Abe Duque, is coming out under the artist’s own Furnace Room Records label.

Apaull’s album retains his authentic approach to dance music while incorporating deeper elements. Inspired by paintings he created at the start of the pandemic, „Fought & Won“ symbolizes the idea that success is the result of determined effort, not luck.

The album explores various aspects of the recent global pandemic, highlighting issues like government power grabs and societal complacency. It delves into the ongoing struggle to regain societal balance after these turbulent times.

Tracks like „Annul“ challenge online bullying, „Dogma(x)“ emphasizes rational discourse, and „Truck Stop“ draws parallels between the pandemic and government power. „Tight Dope“ reflects on the shift in power dynamics, while „Strays“ explores the human condition.

„Blue Tape“ criticizes the pursuit of perfection, leading into „(I’m a) Sexy Bitch“, a robotic dance anthem. The album concludes with „Pink Gun Club,“ suggesting a response to a dangerous world.

The album cover, featuring artwork by apaull and lettering by Brooklyn-based artist Al Diaz, pays tribute to counterculture and its connection to art. Al Diaz is known for his five-decade career in art, including his graffiti work during the „SAMO®“ project and iconic hip-hop record „Beat Bop“.

Apaull’s „Fought & Won“ promises an exploration of sound and thought. Don’t miss its release on December 8th.