Label: Yung Dumb
Cat: YD020
Format: Vinyl / Digital / Streaming
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 29th March 2024

YUNG DUMB Records returns to Japan for their 20th record. „Lucy Time“ is a versatile 4-tracker by burgeoning producer House Violence. The title track Lucy Time features a dusty swing, hazy stabs and pads, and an infectious vocal groove, perfect for a bubbling dance floor as the night enters its throes. By special request, Westcoast Goddess comes through with a ‚Lost In The Forest‘ flip of the title track, an acid drenched hardware jam including woody Roland percussion and a beautiful musical crescendo that teeters the line of cute, nostalgic, and introspective. Eusthenopteron kicks off the B-side with off-kilter vocal samples, wavy and dark synth work, and a jacking rhythm, a sure fire afterhours anthem. The EP ends with Tats, a soulful tool with subtle musical homages to city pop artist Tatsuro Yamashita.